Poema en ingles con palabras de 5 letras.

Hola, esta vez vamos a crear un poema en ingles con 50 palabras de cinco letras. Al final tiene la lista de las palabras que hemos usado. Puede copiar la informacion o darle utilidad para usarlo en algun juego de palabras como wordle o Quordle.

Lust for life, I dream of days With music playing, feet in a dance craze Partying hard with friends so sweet Biting into bread, so warm and complete

In my beach house, I bask in the sun With lemonade in hand, I dance as one Money can’t buy the joy I feel With music playing, my spirit’s a seal

Night falls and the stars come out In my dreams, I give a joyful shout Voices singing, bread baking with care In my heart, the love is fair

At a river’s edge, I plant a tree A symbol of growth, a future so free With a chair to sit and bask in the light Lemons in hand, all feels so right

Happy I am, with music in my heart Dancing and singing, my life a work of art Pizza and bread, my favorite delight With friends and fun, every day feels so bright

So let us celebrate this life with glee With music and dance, with bread and with tea With friends so dear, let us party all night With laughter and love, let us make everything right!

  1. Lust
  2. Dream
  3. Plant
  4. Dance
  5. Party
  6. Bread
  7. House
  8. Beach
  9. Music
  10. Night
  11. Video
  12. Money
  13. Voice
  14. Bread
  15. Glass
  16. Dance
  17. Swipe
  18. Party
  19. Apple
  20. Pizza
  21. Bread
  22. River
  23. Lemon
  24. Chair
  25. Money
  26. Happy
  27. Dance
  28. Pizza
  29. Bread
  30. Music
  31. Light
  32. Pizza
  33. Money
  34. Dance
  35. Party
  36. Bread
  37. House
  38. River
  39. Lemon
  40. Chair
  41. Money
  42. Dance
  43. Pizza
  44. Bread
  45. Music
  46. Pizza
  47. Money
  48. Dance
  49. Party
  50. Bread